Colors and Themes

The wedding colors will be a Navy shimmer and silver.  Our themes are going to be snowflakes and of course crystals.  I'm very dramatic so I want everything to be about big presentation, drama, sparkles, etc.

Ceremony Decor

So while I originally wanted the enchanted forest feel in the ceremony decor I decided against that in the end.  Michael Bruce my florist is simply amazing and my centerpieces and tablescape are more than I could ever ever ever ask for.  I've decided to line the aisle with tall cylindrical vases (like pictured to the side but taller).  The vases will be filled with crystals and floating candles.  The aisle will be covered in white rose petals in the design pictured below.  Also, at the beginning of the aisle will be a script K in white rose petals.



I love the bouquet pictured above, it is exactly what I'm going to carry during the ceremony.  The flowers will be wrapped with a section of lace cut from my mother's wedding dress.  I will also have a charm attached to the rhinestones that has a picture of my Pop Pop. 

Bridesmaid Flowers

The bridesmaid bouquets will probably be two or three calla lilies held together by a small rhinestone cuff.  So pretty.  The groomsmen, groom and my father will each have a calla Lily boutonniere.

Bouquet Charm

This is the exact charm that was made for me by YourCharmedWedding on Etsy!  In the oval is a picture of my Pop Pop.

Reception Decor

Ugh the pictures didn't come out so well!!  Michael Bruce took the pictures I loved of reception decor and gave me even more!!  To begin with the tables will all be illuminated from underneath with blue lights and then the lighting company will spot light each centerpiece with pin lighting.  Next I'll have floor length white table cloths with white/silver shimmer overlays.  3 silver crystal votives will be on each table with floralights in them and they surround the large and heavy centerpiece!!  The centerpieces will all be of the round vase with an opened rose at the base on the table.  The rest of the vase is filled with crystals, flora lights and silver curly willow branches.  Hanging from the brances are strands of crystals, crystal snowflakes and all different size individual crystals.  There will be two different types of centerpieces.... some will have wisps of white feathers attached to the ends of some branches while others will have suspended white rose petals.  So happy!!! Other photos included below!!

At my placecard table I will either have vases with submerged roses and crystals or a large icy blue vase filled with orchids.....still making that decision.  The cake table will be decorated with the white shimmer overlay and will have small crystals scattered around the silver cake stand!

Blue Lights

The above section at the florist really doesn't illustrate the blue lights under the table well.  This photo shows how the tables will look in the ballroom in regards to lighting.

Table Name Holders

This is one of the table name holders for each guest table.  It isn't a great picture but they are white, silver and very sparkly with crystals.  This fit my vision perfectly and I'm very lucky that my amazing florist has them for me to use.


To add to the overall drama of the reception I'm hiring a lighting company to come in and provide beautiful lighting.  We are going to have the walls lit with blue up lighting, and have a snowflake wash (like picture below), with a script K in the middle and the date of our wedding illuminate the dance floor.  Finally all centerpieces will be focused on by pin lighting.  Synergetic Lighting and Sounds will be providing our lighting for the wedding! So excited to work with them.

Instead of simply numbering the tables at the reception I've decided to name each table with a word from the winter and snow theme.  So far I have: